Your Team Matters

Here’s five  tactics to win over most of your customers

1 – Take ownership of mistakes and solve them satisfactorily

Lets face it, nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes.  But when it happens to you, be professional enough to admit it to your customer and take immediate steps to make it right. This can be an opportunity for retention and hence make your customer a fan and not just a Customer.

2 – Look and Anticipate the Needs of Your Customer

Going the Extra MIle

This article I found by James Butler which highlights a lot of issues business owners fail to address and a lot of the time it is due to lack of time to get things done especially if you are a small business. That is just the right time to look at how you cna change the situation for your customers and turn them into fans.

This example illustrates this by highlighting the fact that it is the small business that goes the extra mile to turn the customer into a fan. Sometimes the large companies feel they do not need to go the extra mile due to their size.  


Does the PHYSICAL store play a part today

Long live the in-store experience

Tuesday 07 April 2015 - Guest Piece

Embracing change is important in any industry and retail is no exception. Mass adoption of new technologies has had a dramatic influence on the way consumers shop and has created new platforms for both browsing and purchasing. While online and mobile shopping is increasingly important for time-poor consumers, the significance of the in-store customer experience can’t be swept aside. It is now, in fact, more important than ever before.

Old fashioned Customer Service is Still Vital

Many companies irrelevant of their size tend to forget that personal touch with your customers still the most important tool for a business. I cmae across this from a training programme and I felt it needed to be highlighted.

Retention and Satisfaction

Customers are now more inclined to purchase from friends recommendations and online reviews. The Nielson Report states that a massive 84% of people trust recommendations from people they know.

Which clearly indicates that advertising and brand loyalty are definitely not the driving factors for their decisions. A further significant 68% of people make decisions after reading online reviews. Surely is it not time to harness this massive power from customers by putting retention programmes and services in place. 

What Happened to Apple's Customer Service

A special note for all Apple lovers.I always had a very high regard for Apple and it's customer service. I have recently been disappointed and heard stories about how Apple has failed to match their expectations. There were many but I feel this was by far the best.

Everybody who reads my articles regularly will know that I am passionate about customer service and retention. Most of the time it does not have to be very expensive you can achieve the best result for your company (hence increasing turnover) in a very cost effective way. 

Solicitors that truly CARE



We are all in time related issues these days and all the results we need have to be delivered yesterday.   However have you thought of the price you pay for that?

I am passionate about customer service and care.  When I had an incident that required legal help I wanted a solicitor who genuinely cared and was not counting his fortune even before the case was completed.  Sometimes it pays dividends to let someone like that look after your legal matter rather than the “Big Boys”.

Customer Experience Must be an Integral Part

Customer Service must be an integral part of the Business irrelevant of the size of the business.

If the service standard is always kept to an extremely high standard from the top management right down to the person who does your daily cleaning. If this follows through and there are many issues to consider to achieve this.

It is not just about training your staff; although that is an important part it is every part that will make the smooth service delivery to the customer.


This month is normally always a quiet period especially in retail. Now is the time to really take stock of your customer service and retention programmes as it will hit again as we know in August.

Importance of Service

Sometimes I feel that a large amount of companies fail to see the obvious when it comes to customer service. I strongly believe and know from my experience that unless the passion for the business is not shared by every member of your team than your customers (who actually keeps the business running) will suffer. If they suffer the chances of a return visit are almost non existent. Is it not then worth it to invest in your companies customer service and retention programmes. This would be even more beneficial as the company grows in size. 


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