TEN basic rules for Customer Service

I feel very passionately about Customer Service and I strongly believe that unless you look after your customers, the Business will suffer. Now with a new year on the way it is essential to get systems in place that will help you achieve this. We design programmes for your business to increase your retention and customer service. A study done by Harvard University found that ONLY 5% increase in retention will improve your TURNOVER by 25% to 95%.




I was after a luxury item a pair of shoes worth £150, not in the sale. I asked for my size but it was not available so I tried a slightly larger size upon trying one shoe was far too loose. I enquired if I could get my size anywhere else or can they get a pair for me. The store in question was part of a high end footwear retailer outlet.

Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful

Sometimes in Business we tend to think that small companies are not going to give you the service and choices offered by larger companies.

This could not be further from the truth in my experience I have found that service sometimes is even better than a large company and more often than not they will always go the extra mile to value your custom.

Customers ARE FOR LIFE.

Here is a story I read in Help Scout archives.. that enhances my passion for customer service. I have had my own experiences where I believe that it is sometimes the smallest gesture that makes your customer return, and that in it self is worth its weight in gold and diamonds. Any business who fails to recognise this as the key is losing out in revenue and in most cases will have to advertise heavily to encourage new customers. This cost could have been minimised if you ensure strong retention programmes in place.

Do your members mirror your values?

I think there are some companies that hire members just to fill the vacancies but the key should be to hire for attitude and not just for their skills. Sometimes it is better to train staff to your standards rather than just filling a vacancy. There is a vast difference in the service you receive on the high street or some companies where I am sure you have felt that you will never visit them again. It is crucial that companies truly understand the meaning of retention and a large part for this is played by the service your customers receive.


A customer went into KFC store in Central London and ordered a family bucket which he wanted to enjoy with his family. Upon opening the bucket with the family they have a coleslaw tub which when opened had a an extra ingredient. The coleslaw when opened had a pubic hair in it. What standard o hygiene is there where the food is consumed. When returning to the store with the coleslaw the customer was offered a free family meal. This was SUPPOSED to compensate for the unforgettable experience.

Customer Service is a Mindset

Here is something to think about, How many times have you phoned a company to resolve a problem for you. I am sure we all have experienced this when you try and explain the problem and repeatedly all you get is is a reply even in polite terms telling you please go away and leave me alone. That is why I pay very high importance to every aspect of the business must be geared to make your customers feel welcome and cared for at all times.

Shining members of your team

It is absolutely essential that when hiring you hire for attitude and motivation rather than just training. Getting members that work to your standards is crucial for your business growth but many companies fail to see that as a key factor for their future. Always bearing in mind that you can not be in your business representing your ethos 24/7. It is even more critical especially as it is a very competitive market for most businesses. You also need to have tools in place that will ensure that employees remain focused consistently.

Customers are Your FUTURE

Every Business needs customers and when you forget that basic concept your Business will suffer. There are some Businesses that make an extra effort to make this happen. Everything has to be in place for it to happen and at all times you must remember that it is your customer that drives the Business. 

Metro Bank believe this as gospel and I truly admire them for that especially being a passionate believer in customer service and retention. This is from their book "Fans not Customers"  where they have used the word AMAZE to show it.

"A- Attend to every detail

Winning Customers= Winning Results

Even large companies can not afford to take their customers for granted. Does not matter how large you are as an organisation you must value your cusomers. This also enables you to increase your profits since you increase retention and gain customers. This is far more fruitful then spending a vast amount on advertising and only gain some customers. Here is an example from Apple who believe that service and retention are important. This is an example from best customer services. 


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