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Customer Requirements/Business Requirements


What most customers will require from companies to ensure a return. This would also be applicable to service industries too.

  1. Personalised Customer service

Customers want personal service wherever possible especially if they are shopping and you are facing them. This is essential as remember there is competition online and offline. This comes down to ensuring the staff are fully trained and are empowered to keep your customers returning. Your passion for your business must reflect in the service delivered at every stage.

2. .A Sensory Experience

It is a fact that people are drawn to visually attractive and appealing environment. Bear this in mind when looking at the décor and remember all these do not have to have to be a huge expenditure. Many things can be achieved economically. Make the surroundings easy, welcoming and matching to your potential customers.  Attention to detail matters especially when you relate that to your target market.

3. Fun and Entertaining

Customers do not have to come to you to purchase so it needs to be an experience that they will want to return to and recommend. You are competing for every £ of disposable income out there and experience is crucial if you are at a luxury end of providing goods or services.

Hold events to gather and sample what you offer.

4. A Memorable experience

Here you would have advantage over online companies where it is difficult for them to tailor everything to the customer’s needs. You can once assessing the requirements offer them the best product or service. They do not have to be overwhelmed with a huge choice making them confused. This would also mean ensuring all the team members are trained to find the best possible match for your customer. You also do not have to compete with large companies you can be unique.

5. Online/Offline Integration

If your business offers both eCommerce and a physical store the experiences need to be integrated. Does it feel the same when you look at your brand online and offline? See if the customer can pick up instore what they buy online, home delivery even if they buy instore. The baseline is to make their shopping as easy as possible whether it is a purchase or a return.

6.. Mobile Technology

Take advantage of this growing trend where you have the details so use that to get the edge on this very competitive market for most sectors. Tailor it so it is personable and makes them feel important. According to your budget make sure you are easily found on Google and local directories. Use GPS technology to send texts to their mobile where they opt in.

Getting these details right with you and your team will ensure a steady flow of income from your passion (YOUR BUSINESS).

Every great Business is built on friendship

J C Penney

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.

Walt Disney

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