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High Street Bank that is making a Difference

High Street Bank that is Making a Difference

I have just recently come across a High Street Bank that makes a difference especially for the small Businesses and startups. The Bank I am talking about is NatWest and they have dedicated teams to help Businesses through their journey.

They arrange carefully structured events where you can attend for free and meet like-minded people to Network with. There is usually a guest speaker who will be acquainted with knowledge and information that will assist you. These events are held regularly and locally so it cuts down on the travelling time for you. These are NatWest Boost events and here is the link to help you gain access to your local one. They are dedicated to help Businesses even if you do not Bank with them which I feel is extremely useful when you are trying to start or are running a small Business. If you feel like changing your Bank than this would be the one I would gladly walk into.

If you are a startup Business or a small business it is something you will want to explore. Find your local one and see what topics interest you and attend at least one. On top of this they have many other items to help you as your time is limited with lots of tasks. My Business Growth enabler is Mr. Stewart Smith who represents Watford.

With the growth of the self-employed growing rapidly I think this is the Bank that many of them will turn too.