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How about your experience with service

I just had to share this experience about my mobile phone replacement. I am with biggest mobile network and when my phone decided not to work 100% I thought I would take it to the EE store. I went to the one on Wembley High road and explained the problem with my phone, I would have expected a replacement there since it was not fit for the purpose. There was a serious lack of enthusiasm on the salesman's part, and this was not just for me it was with the other customers too. What happened to staff who loved their chosen careers did the aliens steal them?

I was told they would only offer a repair and that would take 21 days. I was very disappointed and let the young man add an app that I thought solved the problem. When I came home I was still unable to make calls and send texts. ( THE MAIN OBJECT OF ANY PHONE)

I tried to phone T mobile  and WAIT there is no customer service inplace. After pressing countless buttons I got through to a human who after pleading quite a few times eventually agreed to send me a replacement phone which was supposed to be delivered by UK mail on Wednesday between six and ten. I waited patiently and no phone till 10.30. I tried to phone UK mail and their offices were closed. Next day I checked with UK Mail and they had No record of any items being delivered to my address in the last two weeks.

I phoned Tmobile again and again after going through numerous buttons got through to a human and had to explain EVERY THING again. I was promised another time for the delivery again the same scenario. NO PHONE was ordered for this address. Finally I got my replacement phone on a Saturday night between 6 and 10. They also forgot to tell me that the mail man will want the old phone returned. I lost my photographs and a lot of my contacts since I thought they would have been saved in the storage but no avail.

The staff I spoke to in the Phillipenes were on the face very helpful BUT because there was no SYSTEM in place for the customer satisfaction it did not help them to ensure customer satisfaction. I just STRONGLY feel, irrelevant of the size of the company if you do not take care of your customers your reputation will be at risk and so might even later the survival of the company when competitors take away your customers. Do you have the figures for the number of customers that walk away with dissatisfaction from your company and how many people hear about their BAD experience.