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Make your customers your Fans

Something for Business owners to think about. Why is it important to keep your customers satisfied and hence retaining them for the benefit of your company?  As you are aware yourself that you we are unhappy with the service you received at an establishment you will tell a lot of our relatives and friends. If this concept is magnified for any company think of all the Negative publicity that company would receive.

Here is an example of a car company that decided to make sure their customers received excellent service, hence retaining them for future purchases for sure.


Most of us have experienced it at one time or another – the dreaded vehicle recall. It’s usually some minor part, but replacing it ends up being a huge inconvenience for the car owner, even when replacement parts are free. Lexus certainly knows how to take the sting out of that. Although previous recalls had been addressed by sending technicians to the affected customers’ homes to fix the problem on the spot, when the Lexus ES 350 sedan was recalled in 2006, the company decided to ask owners to come on into the dealership. Instead of sitting in a waiting room waiting for their cars to be worked on, customers were given a brand new Lexus instead, no questions asked

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