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What is your retention rate?

In all businesses these days it is about standing out from your competititors to encourage customers to choose your company over theirs. Consumers have vast chice facing them all the time to select where they purchase their services or goods from.

However I still see a lot of companies who put extra emphasis on advertising rather than building a relationship with their clients and team. A large amount of the expeniture Budget is spent on advertising instead of using most of the expenditure budget on building a relationship with their customers and the team. This will pay huge dividends for the Companies profit margin in the long term.

We are here to help you build this vital relationship with your customers and your team. After working in retail management for over thirty years I have learnt the significant importance of this relatioship for any Business. We are also in the process of launching a new service where you do not miss that important phone call where your valued customers will get to speak to a human being making them feel important ( which they are) and special showing that you genuinely care for their custom.

This is crucial especially when you are building your Business and there will be may business opportunities lost by missing calls and 85% of them will not call back so investing in a cost effective phone answering service would assist and almost eliminate this major problem and increase your profit margin at the same time.

Just had a Pop up Event at the busy HSBC branch in Hammersmith where what I have said holds true when talking to their customers. It was a very informative and learning experience. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any of these requirements.